Health Management Statement

SB AtWork Corporation pledges that it will strive to maintain and enhance the health of our employees and their families


As a company that seeks to provide the best possible human resources services to its customers, SB AtWork aspires to a “double-hundred” vision of the future in which the staff of client companies are able:

To focus 100% on their work (without being stressed by human resources procedures)

To enjoy healthy working lives up to 100 years of age (have access to comprehensive support for health maintenance and enhancement)


To achieve this, we aim to ensure the health, both mental and physical, of our own employees so as to set an example of how to be a company in which staff can “enjoy healthy working lives up to 100 years of age”.
To this end, we have appointed company director, Tsuneo Misawa, as Chief Health Officer (CHO) to take responsibility for health management.
With the Wellness Center that has responsibility for health management within the company playing a leading role, we intend to continue pursuing health policies that make active use of the latest AI and ICT and that make the pursuit of good health something that staff will enjoy.


Kenichi Nagasaki, President, SB AtWork Corporation



Message from the CHO


If SB AtWork is to achieve its mission of providing the best possible human resources services to our customers, it is vital that our own staff are active and healthy, both mentally and physically, so that they can “enjoy healthy working lives up to 100 years of age”.


To be active and healthy is also something we strongly desire for our families and others around us.

This leads to such positive spinoffs as both sides feeling comfortable within themselves, with rich home and private lives.

As Chief Health Officer, my intention is to work with staff and with our health insurer and other stakeholders to implement policies that enable people to feel positive and enthusiastic about the pursuit of better health.


Tsuneo Misawa
, COO & CHO, SB AtWork Corporation




Organizational chart

Led by the CHO, and with the Wellness Center responsible for health management playing a central role, the company energetically pursues health policies in collaboration with our human resources department and health insurer.




Major health policies to date


■Diet improvement

・Vending machines in workplaces stocked with “specified health drinks” (products approved as healthy by the government)

・Information and recommendations for insurer-sponsored events and health promotion programs

・Distribution of a series of columns on improving eating habits

・Provision of e-learning for improving eating habits

・Installation of refrigerators to enable purchase of vegetable-based salads, meals, and snacks at any time

■Encouragement for routine exercise

・Information and recommendations for insurer-sponsored events and health promotion programs

・Walking events

・Morning yoga program

・Distribution of “health-keeper” exercise videos and seminars

・Participation by all staff in exercises at monthly morning gatherings

・Bowling tournament

■Reduction in percentage of smokers

・Participation in insurer-sponsored online anti-smoking support program

・Publication of information on the 22nd of each month (Quit-Smoking Day)

・One-week no-smoking challenge to mark World No Tobacco Day

■Mental health improvement

・Encouragement for mental health e-learning course

・Peer support from fellow workers (in-house volunteer program)

・Mental health presentations (self-care)

・Trial mental health improvement program based on voice and facial recognition

・Regular meetings by mindfulness group

・Study group meetings

Example events: How to facilitate communication in the workplace

Sleep education seminar