Description of Business  Provides a description of SB AtWork's business Description of Business  Provides a description of SB AtWork's business

Service Policy

SB AtWork is a team of professionals in human resources, labor, and safety and health.
We offer a complete package of services, from system design to operation.

SB AtWork was established as a spin-off from the Human Resource Division of SoftBank in 1999. Since then, we have provided services in the fields of human resources, labor, and safety and health.

SB AtWork offers a complete package distinctively featuring the three services of “system development,” “provision of system” for efficient and stable operation, and “provision of practical resources” to support various procedures and inquiries. We provide such a package with a view to creating an environment in which the human resource divisions of clients can concentrate on strategic human resource operations such as personnel planning and recruitment.

To enable our clients to entrust us with business/personal information with peace of mind, we attach importance to quality and information security. From this standpoint, we acquired certifications, such as ISO 9001(quality management system)certification, ISO 27001(information security management system)certification, and PrivacyMark certification in an effort to maintain and improve the management system.

                                                                                                                  (As of April 1, 2018)

Description of Business

Payroll and Benefits Service

SB AtWork offers a wide range of services in fields related to human resource and labor, such as personnel management, employment, payroll, social insurance, and fringe benefits. Since our establishment in 1999, we have been offering stable services for over 15 years, currently providing services to approximately 60 companies and 29,000 people by handling their information.

Insurance Service

SB AtWork handles insurance services including administration insurance for group companies, as well as automobile insurance, group insurance, and medical/cancer insurance. Our staffs who are familiar with the latest information on insurance handle inquiries from customers and support them in the contract procedure.

Wellness Service

We have established the Wellness Center within the headquarters of SoftBank to operate facilities aimed at maintaining and improving employees’ physical and mental health and to disseminate information to group companies, in addition to handling administrative procedures such as making arrangements for medical checkups.

In addition, we established the Wellness Eye system based on know-how accumulated by the SoftBank Group in response to the Stress Check system which was legislated in 2015. We have commenced the extensive sale of this system to customers outside the Group as well.

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