Wellness Service

Wellness Center

Total Support for Employees’ Mental and Physical Health

We operate the Wellness Center which has a strong team of expert staff consisting of certified social insurance and labor consultants, industrial physicians, public health nurses, industrial counselors and others.
We are also entrusted with consulting services and are fully prepared to respond to laws and support the career development of employees with a staff of about 50 who have extensive expertise and experience.

Services Provided by Wellness Center

Development of health and safety system in accordance with the laws

We hold meetings of the Safety and Health Committee, conduct inspection visits to workplaces, make arrangements for health checkups (upon employment, periodic, late-night work, overseas dispatch), conduct the Stress Check and organization diagnosis, and support the revision of the rules of employment at the time of the revision of the relevant laws, among other things. By offering practices utilizing IT and through consulting that leverages expertise, we support the promotion of health and safety of the SoftBank Group companies.

Expert staff support each employee

Industrial physicians, public health nurses and counselors of internal medicine and psychiatry are stationed on a full-time basis to provide consultation on physical and mental health issues to employees at all times. The staff not only provide consultation on worries and concerns but also give guidance on nutrition and exercise for living a healthier life and conduct career interviews to help employees play more active roles. With respect to employees on leave returning to the workplace, the staff work with the human resource staff to support their stable employment.

Education and training for mental and physical health and for creating a comfortable workplace

We develop and conduct programs, including mental health training, harassment training, communication training, motivation management and first-aid/AED training, to support organizational development of the workplace.

Employees help each other in the workplace with the Peer Supporter system

We operate the Peer Supporter system under which employees with qualifications in psychology and health and safety act as volunteers to reach out to employees in the workplace and offer consultation as volunteers after going through a certain selection and training process. Peer Supporters create an employee-friendly workplace based on a bottom-up approach. The Wellness Center offers more expert advice in response to referrals from Peer Supporters and develops the skills of Peer Supporters.

Wellness Eye Stress Check can be used with a smartphone Click here for response to the mandatory Stress Check! Check now! Wellness Eye Stress Check can be used with a smartphone Click here for response to the mandatory Stress Check! Check now!