Stress Check
Stress Check

Reports of Results

The check results can be confirmed by the categories of individual, organization and company. The aggregation logic and advice/comments of Wellness Eye were prepared by the SoftBank Group’s industrial physicians/counselors by drawing on their knowledge and experience under the supervision of Professor Norito Kawakami of The University of Tokyo.

Individual Results

  • These are individual result materials of those who took the check. Stress response, stress factors, and influence factors are displayed* instantaneously after the check is taken. If the 11 question version is used, only the individual’s stress response is displayed.

    *In the case of the Web-based version

  • The stress condition at the time of response is displayed on a five-grade system from A to E. Since the scale is visualized by a graph and detailed advice is displayed, the system is useful for self-care (actions for awareness and improvement).
  • Individual results can be viewed by the implementer (industrial physician/public health nurse, etc.) and the person engaged in implementation on the administrator’s screen. However, the results are not disclosed to the operator (human resource division of the user company, etc.) without the consent of the individual concerned.

    *Results lists for all employees are also available.

Organization Diagnosis Results

  • These are group analysis result materials by organization. As these materials contain useful information for understanding the problems and issues of each organization, they are useful for formulating measures on the job site.
  • “Overall Health Risk” and “Degree of Liveliness” provide an indication of the state of the organization, with the scores that make up these measures able to be compared against company and national averages as well as against previous results. This facilitates the formulation of more effective measures.
  • Since detailed advice is also provided in the organization diagnosis results, the head of the organization can take voluntary actions for improvement (line care) after receiving such results.
  • The unit of organization diagnosis can be set freely as desired by the company (headquarters, division, section, etc.).
  • The organization diagnosis results are provided as a basic service* regardless of the number of organizations.

    *Results lists for the entire organization are also available.

    *The English version is provided as an optional service.

Company Diagnosis Results

  • These are group analysis result materials for the company as a whole. They are useful for comprehensively understanding the problems and issues of companies based on the score for each scale and changes over the years.
  • As in the case of organization diagnosis results, the current status of the company as a whole can be visualized according to “Overall Health Risk” and “Degree of Liveliness,” and the scores constituting those factors by scale can be compared to year-to-year and nationwide average scores. These features enable the formulation of more effective measures.
  • Since the system also includes an analysis of scores and year-to-year comparison for each age and attribute (managerial level/general level, etc.), the system is also useful for narrowing down the target groups for which measures should be taken.

    *Results can also be listed by category (age, role, etc.).