Questions in Wellness Eye

The number of questions was carefully selected through industry-academia joint research with Professor Norito Kawakami of The University of Tokyo and responds to legislation and more.

1Response to legislation

The questions cover the “Brief Job Stress Questionnaire (23 items in the simplified version)” and fully respond to laws that make the Stress Check mandatory.

2Enhancement of group analysis

The items of the “New Brief Job Stress Questionnaire” which are highly effective for understanding the condition of the organization are adopted.

3Focus on user convenience

The number of questions is minimized to reduce the burden of taking the check.

Profile of Supervisor

Professor Norito KawakamiGraduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo Mental Health

A leading researcher in “occupational mental health,” a field of mental health research in which he has been engaged for about 30 years. Actively involved in training experts and industry-academia joint research and development, etc. to solve increasingly diverse mental health issues

Professor Kawakami’s comment
Through joint research with SB AtWork, I substantially reviewed the Stress Check system using the Brief Job Stress Questionnaire Family and supported the development of this system. I developed the criteria for determining a high level of stress based on scientific data. I also improved the accuracy of the evaluation method by organizational unit. Wellness Eye can be utilized as a system that supports the Stress Check becoming mandatory as a result of the amendment of the Industrial Safety and Health Act and also the creation of a healthy and lively workplace aimed at fostering positive mental health.


  • Vice President, The Japan Association of Job Stress Research
  • Director, Japan Society for Occupational Health
  • Director, Japan Society for Occupational Mental Health
  • Director, The Japanese Association of Stress Science
  • Director, International Commission on Occupational Health

Career Summary

Graduated from School of Medicine, Gifu University <obtained medical license>/dd>
Completed doctoral program at Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo (major in social medicine) <obtained Doctor of Medicine degree>
Assistant at Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo (public health course)
Visiting Researcher at The University of Texas School of Public Health (behavioral sciences)
Assistant Professor at School of Medicine, Gifu University (public health course)
Developed Job Stress Assessment Diagram at the research group of the former Ministry of Labour
Professor at Medical School, Okayama University (hygienics course)
Professor at the School of Public Health, The University of Tokyo (Department of Mental Health)
As a representative of the scientific research group at the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, developed “Scientific Evidence-based Guidelines for Primary Prevention of Occupational Mental Health Problems” and prepared the “New Brief Job Stress Questionnaire”
Participated in the Study Group on Stress Check Items, Etc. of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare