Operation Support

Save time and effort of the staff in charge

SB AtWork handles notification of the Stress Check, inquiries concerning the Stress Check system from employees, recommendation for doing the Stress Check, and other tasks.

System maintenance is unnecessary

Since Wellness Eye is offered as an ASP service, the customer is not required, in principle, to prepare and maintain the system environment.

Refer to the following for the recommended system environment

Support for design/operation of Stress Check system

We support system design before implementation of the Stress Check and also the planning and proposal of actions for improving the workplace after implementation at the request of the customer.

[Examples] (including some optional services)
  • Present examples of operation of the Stress Check system at the SoftBank Group
  • Support the drafting of Stress Check regulations
  • Provide a guidebook on mental healthcare
  • Plan and conduct workplace improvement workshops
Recommended System Environment
Device OS Version of Browser
PC Windows 7 or later Internet
Version 8.0 or later
Latest version
iOS 7.0 or later Safari Latest version
Android OS 4.2 or later Google
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